If you are getting ready to go on a trip, you may know that you have a lot of packing to handle to make sure that you bring along everything that you need. When you are bringing your dog along, you should consider getting them groomed beforehand, as this will improve the trip in general.


While on a trip, you may not feel too comfortable with giving your dog a bath, especially when you do not have the shampoo that you use normally. This makes it worth getting your dog thoroughly bathed and trimmed, because this will keep them from getting dirty as easily.

For instance, your dog may have a lot of hair around their feet and legs, and depending on where you are going on your trip, these areas may put your dog at risk of picking up a lot of dirt and grime. At least with a shorter coat, you can look forward to them being cleaner throughout the entire trip. If you do have to clean them off, you will only need to do a quick wipe-down for an effective cleaning.


When you go on your trip, you should consider the temperature that it will be in the area because you do not want to get a short haircut for your dog when it is going to be cold. In the case of cold temperatures, you should consider a light trim to clean your dog up while keeping them warm.


Although your dog may be able to get around okay with a decent amount of hair around their eyes, you will find that trimming the hair in this area is worth doing before your trip. Since your dog will be roaming around unfamiliar areas, you can make it easier for them to get around without bumping into anything by making sure they can see out of both their eyes clearly.


While going on regular walks will keep your dog's nails somewhat tame, you cannot go wrong with a nail trimming shortly before a trip. So, if your dog happens to get excited while on your trip and jumps on someone or even jumps into bed when you are trying to sleep, you will not have to worry about their nails being long enough to scratch anyone and hurt them.

Getting your dog groomed before going on a trip is a smart choice for these reasons and more. Reach out to a business like the Elizabethton Veterinary Clinic for more advice.