As a responsible pet owner, you want to eliminate the possibility of your cat or dog producing unwanted litters. You also want to take measures to improve its health or prolong its life.

To take the best care of your pet and prevent unwanted offspring from it, you can have your pet sterilized. You can take your cat or dog to a veterinarian for safe and effective spay surgery.

Minimally Invasive

Skilled veterinarians today know how to carry out spay surgery without having to make invasive incisions in your pet's abdomen. Instead, many of them use laser technology to remove pets' reproductive organs. They also make smaller incisions that can be glued or sutured with a few stitches after the spay surgery is over.

This minimally invasive spay surgery means that your pet heals faster and experiences less pain. They also have less of a chance of infection and can recover faster and easier from their spay surgery.

Pain Management

An experienced veterinarian that performs spay surgery will also manage your pet's discomfort during and after the operation. They will use safe yet effective anesthesia to ensure that your cat or dog does not feel pain during the surgery. Your pet will be sedated safely so they do not feel discomfort but can also wake up safely after the spay surgery is over.

Depending on the size and type of pet that you have, you also may be given pain medications to give your pet at home. You can effectively manage your pet's discomfort without having to leave them in the vet's office after a spay surgery.

Same-Day Procedure

Finally, many vets now offer spay surgery as a same- or next-day procedure. You may not want to leave your pet in the vet's office overnight or for several days at a time. You want to be able to take them home and let them recuperate in familiar settings and spare them from having to stay in a vet's office. Your vet can spay your pet and send them back home the same day as long as there are no complications after the spay surgery.

A veterinarian can offer your pet safe and effective spay surgery. They may perform a minimally invasive operation. The vet can also manage your pet's discomfort and send it home the same day.

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