Despite your best efforts to supervise your pets or children in the kitchen, your back only needs to be turned for a second for an accident to happen. Would you know what to do if your dog suffered from a serious burn?

The First Thing to Do

Immediate first aid must be applied at the scene, and then your dog needs to be safely transported to the nearest animal hospital. Quick action is necessary, and this involves flushing the site of the burn with cold water. Fill a container with cold water, and pour it directly onto the site of the burn. You might wish to ask a family member to gently restrain your dog while being alert to the fact that your dog is in pain, and might lash out. But having someone hold your dog while you apply cold water can prevent them from wriggling, allowing you to apply this treatment at once.

Don't Touch

The severity of the burn might be immediately obvious. When the burn was caused by direct, dry heat, your dog's coat might be noticeably singed. When the burn was caused by hot water, the damage might not be evident, but it's still very painful for your poor dog. Don't attempt to touch the area to assess how bad it is, and keep applying cold water. You might wish to put your dog into a bathtub of cold water so that the site of the burn can be fully immersed. 

Get to the Vet

You must take your dog for immediate treatment. Again, you'll need a family member's help. Have someone sit in the back with your dog to gently restrain them, preventing them from aggravating their injury. You might not be able to put your dog in their safety harness without hurting them, so drive with extreme caution. Once you have made it to the animal hospital, someone will administer pain relief. This allows your vet to shave the site, allowing them to see the extent of your dog's injuries. Ideally, your quick action will have reduced the seriousness of your dog's injuries, but antibiotics might be required if you're concerned about infections. The possibility of skin grafts and other forms of intensive treatment cannot be ruled out either.

You need to hurry when your dog is burned in an accident, and your prompt action can reduce the seriousness of the burn. Contact a local animal hospital to learn more.