If your dog suffers from epilepsy, they aren't alone. There are a number of dogs out there that also suffer, although this may not be all that comforting, as watching your dog go through a seizure can be terrifying to say the least. You feel helpless as you watch your dog go through this. There may be a few things you can do to help prevent seizures in the first place. Read on for a few of these things to help your pooch.

Get Them On Medication

Anti-seizure medication can help your dog and can help to lessen the number of seizures your dog has, as well as keeping the seizures from being too severe. Medication for epilepsy can be prescribed by your veterinarian. You will need to take your dog to the veterinarian in order to get them on the medication. Be sure to keep track of the seizures your dog has had, including the type of seizure, how long they lasted and what time of day they occurred. You should also keep track of what your dog was doing at the time, such as resting or playing (most dogs have seizures when at rest). 

Get Them Exercise

If your dog has seizures, it doesn't mean you have to keep them in a bubble. You should keep them exercising and playing, as it helps keep them healthy. Take them for walks and give them the playtime they need to get some of their energy out and to keep them healthy. Your dog deserves this time with you; don't take it away because they are having seizures.

Prevent Stress

One of the things that can cause seizures may be stress. If your dog is stressed, it may be causing their seizures. If there is a change in their routine or a change in your routine, it may be stressing your dog out. If you can, prevent this stress, and prevent any major changes in your dog's schedule to keep from having seizures because of it.

Feed Your Dog A Healthy Diet

Give your dog a healthy diet, and stop feeding your dog table scraps. Some human food is not good for your dog, and human food definitely isn't good if your dog is suffering from a disorder such as epilepsy. You need your dog to remain as healthy as possible as they are going to be dealing with epilepsy throughout their entire life. Talk to your veterinarian about other things you can to to help prevent seizures.

If your dog suffers from epilepsy, is having more and more seizures, or has seizures that are becoming more severe or starting to come in clusters, you should take your dog to an animal hospital like Angel Pet Hospital for help.